To submit your photos to Tempt Magazine, email submissions to or for high resolutions submissions, email the HTML link of your Dropbox folder or Google Drive that stores your photo shoot. (Please do not send Wetransfer links as they expire quickly unless requested by us)

In your submission, please send a minimum of six professional photos to be featured in a post on the Tempt website along with the following information:

Model Information:

Please supply some text about the model, e.g, what does the model do for work, how often does he go to the gym works out, something about his personal life or an interesting fact.


Send us a quote about the photo shoot e.g, “the model was a natural in front of the lens”.

Social Media Links:

Photographer: (Your Name) | (Website) | (Facebook Page) | (Instagram) – or any other HTML links you would like us to link to your business.

Model: (Models Name) | (Website) | (Facebook Page) | (Instagram)

Brand: (Brand Name) | (Website) | (Facebook Page) | (Instagram) – only current brands who advertise with Tempt will be listed.


Photographers own the copyright to their photos and MUST send the submission email with written approval to have their work featured on the Tempt website.

You can copy and paste this text – I *YOUR NAME* have the right to supply and give Tempt Magazine approval to use the attached photos of  *MODELS NAME*  as photographed by *PHOTOGRAPHERS NAME* as Tempt Magazine best see fit.

Image Size:

Minimum of 800 px Wide at 300DPI.


NEW! We now accept artistic nude photography for our members only section, submission process as above.


Please note not all photo submissions are published, an email will be sent back when your submission is processed and given an online publication date. We encourage photographers to submit photo shoots of models of all nationalities to be featured.

Why Tempt?

Tempt has a large and ever-growing web and social media presence, having your photos included on the site can give you exposure and can drive a lot of traffic to your website/social medias. Some photo submissions lead to photographers and models featured in the print magazine.

Brand Recognition:

Only brands who advertise with Tempt Magazine will be credited as part of photo shoot submissions. Some submissions may be rejected on the basis of “too much” brand advertising.